Hamilton Humane Society, Inc.
   is temporarily housed at the PAWS' offi
ce.  Please LIKE THEM on Facebook (search 'hamilton humane society' and look for this logo) or e-mail hamiltonhumanesociety@yahoo.com.
CONTACT INFO:  northfloridapaws@windstream.net  386-938-4092

       $10 Co-pay SPAY-NEUTER GRANT (through August 1st)            

ELIGIBLE PET OWNERS:  North Central Florida residents receiving one of the following:  Food Stamps, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), or Medicaid (not Medicare).  Note:  SSI is not regular Social Security benefits or Social Security Disability.  Note:  Benefits must be in the name of the adult who is applying.  Other forms of assistance do not apply.

PETS:  All dogs and cats are eligible; but priority is given to Pit Bulls & mixes, Outdoor & Feral cats.

APPLICATION:  To print the application, go to the SPAY NEUTER APPLICATION PAGE.  If you cannot print, call 386-938-4092 and clearly leave your name, mailing address, and number of pets and we will mail applications and instructions to you. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Applications, along with photo ID, proof of eligibility (Food Stamp, SSI, or Medicaid card/letter), and $10 per pet must be presented in person at one of the following locations:  North Florida PAWS in Jennings on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm OR North Florida Animal Rescue Vet Clinic, 16800 CR 137 south of Wellborn, on Saturday mornings 10:00 and 10:30am.  Do not bring your pets at this time.  Upon approval, surgery appointments will then be made

CLINIC:  Currently we only use North Florida Animal Rescue’s clinic south of Wellborn for the spay/neuter surgeries.  Do not contact them directly to apply. 

FUNDED BY:  Florida Animal Friend Specialty License Plate Program.  Please support this program with a personalized license plate.  Visit FloridaAnimalFriend.org online for more details.

North Florida PAWS, Inc.
Florida not-for-profit corporation with IRS Tax Exemption 501(c)(3)
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North Florida PAWS has funded

14,038 spay/neuter surgeries to date

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